Who needs to do dangerous goods training?

When handling or shipping goods that pose a significant danger to workers and the public it is critical that those dealing with these goods understand and follow…

PPE October 16, 2013

OHS electrical training courses may become more important than ever

OHS Electrical Training Courses may become more important than ever if changes in The Electrical Safety Act are passed The Electrical trades Union (ETU) is expressing…

PPE October 1, 2013

The benefits of the OHS training industry

OHS training enables workers and employers to be able to identify risks. The Australian Government has been working for years to make the working conditions for…

PPE September 10, 2013

What is the difference between OHS and WHS in Australia?

At the start of last year, the rules that governed work health and safety began to change. Australia’s OHS laws started to take new shape as they went through…

PPE March 11, 2013

Experts in process safety training videos

FutureMedia Pty Limited is a training resource producer and distributor based in Sydney, Australia. Operating in the industry for thirty years, FutureMedia strives…

PPE March 7, 2013

Why asbestos awareness training is required

Each year hundreds of people across Australia die from asbestos and hundreds more are exposed to this deadly toxic substance, some without even knowing it. While…

PPE November 7, 2012