Root Cause Analysis


Create a Workplace Culture of Logical Problem Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is a systematic approach to uncovering the important factors contributing to events of interest to an organisation. Events of interest range…

PPE December 9, 2013

Don't just dodge the bullets, analyse near misses then remove the risks

When an accident happens in the workplace it is easy to look at the event in isolation. But it is a sobering thought when it is realised that a recent incident was…

PPE October 2, 2013

The world of Root Cause Analysis

Sologic Europe offers free seminars introducing Root Cause Analysis (RCA). RCA is a fantastic tool for analysing problems in any field, so I thought I would take…

PPE September 16, 2013

Reducing the systemic risks of human error

Disciplinary action is used to punish those who make choices that are incongruent with acceptable norms and to warn others not to follow the same path. Many leaders…

PPE September 11, 2013

Free Root Cause Analysis seminars by Sologic Europe

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) uses logic to analyse the cause-and-effect relationships of an event or situation. Increasingly RCA is found to be integral to professional…

PPE August 9, 2013

Root Cause Analysis - facilitator training

Join thousands of students from industry-leading organisations who’ve benefited from Root Cause Analysis training delivered by our team—students who say they’ve…

PPE July 5, 2013