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What is burnout?

What is burnout?

Burnout is a serious problem that is brought on by the negative effects of chronic, work-related stress. Actual statistics are difficult to come by, but studies…

PPE May 28, 2015

Managing Stress in High-Pressure Work Environments

Congratulations to The Regional Inspectorate of Prison Service in Koszalin, Poland who received an award at this year’s Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards.…

PPE May 8, 2015

Prevention of Work Related Stress in the Education Sector - OSHwiki

The prevention of work related stress in the education sector: Stress is one of the most significant hazards of working in the education sector. This article discusses…

PPE May 8, 2015

The most common causes of work-related stress

A new poll reveals job insecurity and job reorganisation are thought to be the most common causes of work-related stress. The main findings of the 3rd edition…

PPE May 9, 2013