We work with many organisations in the health and safety industry, both as a social media manager and also as a promoter.

We have a deep network of followers and a high Klout score which means that we can get your message across extremely effectively. Here’s what some of our customers think of us.


ppe-european-ageny-for-safety-and-health-at work“Warm thanks to PPE.ORG for spreading the word about EU-OSHA and the Healthy Workplaces Campaign. PPE.ORG is a very active media partner and supports us with features, articles, links and postings. PPE.ORG provides insightful and original coverage to share with their readers on the blog and on social media. Thanks for contributing to the success of our campaign!” The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, EU-OSHA.


ppe-root-cause-analysis“James from PPE.org plays a vital role in our corporate social media strategy. The industry specific content created by James has been of the highest standard. Not only has the content been well researched and executed but the manner in which it has been shared and promoted across all of the social platforms has been outstanding. James took the time to attend our training courses and truly learn about our product and the benefits it brings before commencing work. This has led to well thought out and targeted approach and the benefits have been noticeable. It goes without saying that our social media and web presence would not be what they are today without the hard work and dedication shown by James and PPE.org.” Sologic Europe.

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