Total round-the-clock head protection

PPE - July 4, 2013 - 0 comments

The new multi-coloured CR2 reflective helmet from JSP provides total round-the-clock head protection. JSP is the first manufacturer in the world to offer a reflective industrial safety helmet in a range of attractive colours, making it highly visible in dangerous environments such as motorways, or during track maintenance work, which often takes place at night.

JSP’s EvoLite® CR2 helmet sports different coloured hi-visibility reflective strips – the same exceptionally high-intensity reflective material used on motorway signs – on the sides, back, front and top, giving 360 degree reflective coverage and enabling the wearer to be seen in the dark, or in low-level lighting.

Each colour can be used to denote a different type of site task. For example, green invariably denotes a first-aider, while orange normally indicates a banksman. Blue is commonly used for site managers or contract agents, and red for fire marshals.

Yet another dimension can be added by the reflective colours being used to boost corporate identity, since they can be matched to a company logo. Bespoke transfers of a company name can be printed onto the helmets if required.

The system allows the standardisation of helmet colour, so, for example, plain white helmets could be used for all workers, with the addition of different-coloured reflective strips to denote different job titles.

The reflective helmets enhance safety in a range of hazardous transport environments where it is essential for workers to be seen by operators of heavy equipment, including motorways and railways. As well as being extra visible, the helmet is extremely tough, lightweight and comfortable. At less than 300 grams, it is the lightest and strongest EN397 helmet on the market and also the most comfortable, thanks to its 3D harness system, which enables 3-point depth positioning as well as traditional head circumference size adjustment.

Simon Apsey, Business Development Manager at JSP, said: “It`s amazing that such a simple, inexpensive, idea can make such a difference in the transport sector. It is normally the head that gets in harm’s way first, so it needs to be illuminated. By putting coloured, highly- reflective, strips all round the helmet, JSP is making workers on our highways and railways visible, and therefore safer, in all conditions. The response from customers has been extremely positive, and many leading contractors have already adopted the system as standard.”

More information is available from, or by emailing,uk, or calling +44 (0)1993 826050.


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