Tricolore System™ – a simple way to minimise risks to hands

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Gloves showing the tricolore systemThe new Skytec Tricolore System from Globus includes gloves and for the first time in the UK, chemical resistant gauntlets colour-coded to symbolise varying levels of cut resistancy in line with EN 388 requirements.

The chemical-resistant ‘Xenon 1 Red’, ‘Xenon 3 Amber’ and ‘Xenon 5 Green’ gauntlets depict cut levels 1, 3 and 5 respectively. All three gauntlets protect hands and forearms from oils, hydrocarbons and corrosive substances and offer excellent grip in wet, oily and dry conditions.

Similarly, the Tricolore System also includes a range of nitrile palm coated gloves. ‘Beta 1 Red’, ‘Gamma 3 Amber’ and ‘Theta 5 Green’ provide the same levels of cut resistancy and reduce the possibilities of skin irritation thanks to the breathable back.

For the user, the colour-coding enables the right glove to easily be selected for the task depending on the risk. The system is also specifically useful to supervisors and managers who seek assurance of recognising from distance that employees are wearing a glove with the appropriate level of protection.

Steve Shale, Marketing Manager Globus comments, “Globus is dedicated to supporting health and safety professionals, procurement managers and wearers alike about the importance of selecting the correct hand protection for the various tasks encountered, rather than simply focusing on cost per pair – often a false economy. The Tricolore System from Skytec is further evidence of this.”

Skytec product details

Xenon 1 Red Chemical resistant gauntlet, cut level 1, tough, flexible coral finish coating

Xenon 3 Amber Chemical resistant gauntlet, cut level 3, tough, flexible coral finish coating

Xenon 5 Green Chemical resistant gauntlet, cut level 5, tough, flexible coral finish coating

Beta 1 Red One of the lightest gloves in the industry – maximum comfort

Gamma 3 Amber Cut level 3, sponge nitrile (patent pending) palm and ventilated liner

Theta 5 Green Maximum cut protection and anatomically designed for comfort, dexterity and fit

Find the right glove for your needs

The Globus website also features a very useful Glove Finder. You can use this tool to find the appropriate hand protection for your needs using a range of criteria including hazard or industry sector.

The importance of glove grip: increase productivity and reduce accidents


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