Wearing PPE Correctly – A Toolbox Talk

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The HSE has produced a very useful toolbox talk on wearing PPE correctly. The talk focuses on respiratory protective equipment and the factors which deter some workers from wearing their RPE correctly.

The educational tool highlights some of the perceived and practical problems associated with RPE and how these can be overcome. It also provides some guidance on the importance of fit testing masks and how to carry out a fit check before each use.

The presentation should last about 15 minutes and has been designed to be delivered in the workplace as part of a training session, team meeting or an induction for new starters. The presentation can be delivered by a safety representative, supervisor or manager.

A series of slides cover the reasons for wearing personal protective equipment, the different types of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) available,  the reasons why some workers don’t wear their RPE correctly and advice on the correct fitting of disposable masks, half-face masks and full-face masks.

Various diagrams illustrate discussion points and there is guidance on each slide to help the presenter encourage interaction with the audience. These features help create a very useful presentation that clearly describes the issues associated with wearing respiratory protective equipment correctly.

Wearing PPE correctly – always remember:

-Ensure your respiratory protective equipment is clean and in good working order before each use

-Carry our a fit check of your mask before each use

-Do not remove your mask in the hazardous area, for example to talk or to inspect your work

-Replace disposable masks and replaceable filters in line with your training

-Store masks in a clean area when not being used

-Your employer has a responsibility to provide you with the correct mask. You have the responsibility to wear it correctly.

Download the presentation (PDF):

Toolbox talk: Your mask can protect you – Stay healthy! 


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