Who needs to do dangerous goods training?

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When handling or shipping goods that pose a significant danger to workers and the public it is critical that those dealing with these goods understand and follow all safety procedures necessary in handling those goods in the plants as well as during shipping.

The only way to ensure that everyone knows how to reduce the risk of exposure to dangerous goods is by ensuring that everyone who deals with these goods in any capacity has adequate training.

That is why OHS demands that those who handle and ship dangerous goods, take an approved dangerous goods training course and be able to prove that they have completed the training and are competent to work with such goods.

Dangerous Goods Training Courses

Dangerous goods training courses cover everything from general awareness of what constitutes dangerous goods and their dangers to function specific training, to the responsibilities of each person in the chain of command.

By covering both general awareness and specific training these courses ensure that everyone knows they have a part to play in the handling of dangerous goods from those in the office making out those shipping orders, to the warehouse personnel in charge of storing and loading those goods.

When each person is made aware of their exact duties and how best to carry them out safely and efficiently there will be less risk of accidents or that any safety procedure will get overlooked. This not only results in a lower accident rate when manufacturing, storing and shipping these goods, but it also results in less risks of penalties and fines because someone in the chain of command was not properly trained to do their job.

Dangerous goods training courses cover the following areas:

  • General awareness
  • Function specific training
  • The proper labeling, storing, moving, and shipping of containers carrying dangerous goods
  • The responsibilities and liabilities of each person in the chain of command
  • What to do in case of fires or spills


The Benefits Of Dangerous Goods Training

There are several benefits to dangerous goods training and these benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of danger to workers and the public
  • Less risk of down time and penalties for businesses due to code violations or accidents.
  • More profits due to the efficient and safe handling of goods
  • Improved worker job satisfaction because workers feel safe and competent to do their jobs.

Taking your dangerous good training online with an accredited company will make it easier to ensure that every worker who is involved in the manufacturing, handling, and shipping dangerous goods has proper training without any worker shortage or down time for your company while training takes place. This makes it possible for you to comply with the legal requirements for training while protecting your employees, the public and your business.

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