Why asbestos awareness training is required

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Each year hundreds of people across Australia die from asbestos and hundreds more are exposed to this deadly toxic substance, some without even knowing it.

While asbestos materials are no longer used in Australia there are still plenty of old buildings that contain this deadly material and it is vital for those in the building industry and other industries that have workers who are at risk of being exposed to this asbestos to have asbestos awareness training, not only because it is the law, but also to prevent the needless pain and suffering of those who are exposed to this substance.

Asbestos awareness training is required by OHS guidelines and has become even more vital since the National Harmonization. The goal of this training is not only to protect those who may be exposed to this substance from suffering the ill effects of exposure but, also to protect the innocent public who may unknowingly be exposed through mishandling of this deadly material.

Asbestos awareness covers not only those places where workers may expect asbestos to be found, but also how to identify this substance and what to do if it is found through the course of your work as well as tips on how to minimize risks to you and those who may be exposed to this material.

By increasing awareness of asbestos, where it might be found, and the dangers it poses, it is hoped that the number of asbestos related deaths can be reduced in the future. This training should prepare:

– managers

– controllers of work premises

– trade persons

– employees

to identify asbestos containing materials or suspected asbestos containing materials. It also helps to ensure that proper actions be taken to deal with these materials.

By reducing the risk of accidental mishandling of asbestos containing materials you reduce the risk of exposure to this material. This training will also help to prevent employees from unknowingly bringing asbestos fibers home to their families and putting them at risk as well as helping to prevent risk to countless unknown persons.

It is your company’s responsibility to ensure that anyone working in any trade where they may logically be exposed to asbestos be made aware of the dangers of this deadly material and how to reduce exposure to everyone concerned.

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