Working with dangerous substances

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Employers, workers and their representatives need to know about the risks to workers’ health in the workplace and how to manage those risks. Effective communication about them is a challenge. A new e-fact by EU-OSHA provides hints and tips to help workers and employers understand and communicate the risks of dangerous substances.

Workplace safety depends on risk awareness. Employers and workers need to know what dangerous substances are in the workplace and how to deal with them. This e-fact sheet offers hints for successful communication in the workplace about dangerous substances, including the use of safety data sheets, and provides a list of sources of further information. It outlines how two new regulations on chemicals aim to improve communication about the risks of dangerous substances at workplaces.

It explains how two recent European regulations aim to improve communication on dangerous substances in the workplace. These are on registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals (REACH) and classification, labelling and packaging (CLP).

Read the e-fact sheet

Use EU-OSHA’s online toolkit to learn about changes to chemical labelling


EU-OSHA website sections on REACH and CLP

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