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Workwear Guidance helps purchasers and users ensure that the right items are worn in appropriate circumstances. Here, Protec Direct outline the facts about Hi-Vis clothing and the associated standards. Their information is a very useful and informative starting point for those concerned with Standards, care, maintenance and ensuring clothing and workwear are worn properly.

High Visibility Clothing – The Facts

High visibility clothing issued to employees must conform to the performance standards outlined in EN471.

The first part of the standard relates to the area of conspicuous materials incorporated into the garment. There are 3 distinct categories:

  • Class 3 – Highest Protection Level
  • Class 2 – Intermediate Protection Level
  • Class 1 – Lowest Protection Level







The second part relates to the retro-reflective performance with Class 2 being more visible than Class 1 when seen in headlights during darkness.

Care Maintenance and Wearing Correctly

Cleaner garments reflect more light and are more effective. Ensure they are washed regularly and replaced when they become worn out

Make sure that the garment is fastened where possible to ensure maximum protection and prevent tangling in any machinery or moving objects

European Standards

EN471 – High Visibility Garments

EN343 – Protection against rain- Class 3 is the highest level for water penetration and breathability

GO/RT 3279 – Railway specification High Visibility garments

EN342 – Cold Protection

EN465 – Type 4 Spray tight – PVC

EN466 – Type 3 Liquid tight – PVC

EN1511 – Type 3 Liquid tight – Limited life

EN1512 – Type 4 Spray tight – Limited life

EN13982 – Type 5 Dry particle protection

EN13034 – Type 6 Reduced spray protection

EN1149-1 – Electrostatic discharge

EN470 – Heat and flame protection

EN531 – Heat and flame protection

EN533 – Heat and flame protection

EN381 – Chainsaw protection

EN510 – Protection against moving parts

Clothing Sizes

Clothing Sizing Chart (28kb pdf)

Industry Leading Clothing and Workwear Brands

From a detailed understanding of the user’s expectations and the technical knowledge of fabrics, Protec Direct’s protective clothing and workwear range provide a wide variety of quality, comfortable, and practical garments.

Sourced from major suppliers, the market leading brand names can be trusted to offer high levels of personal protection in the most demanding of working environments. As with all PPE, choose protective clothing appropriate to the task, but ensure it fits and is comfortable to wear.

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